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Our Data and Analytics team is the rutter of our company, helping us experiment, iterate, and crush targets. Using a combination of data and infrastructure, we help other departments understand how to make their objectives more effective. From identifying trends in our sales to building dashboards for different teams, seeing correlations in data to advanced estimations and projections, we work with all stakeholders to create the highest impact possible. We turn data into business decisions.

Our multidisciplinary team, small but integrated, built the tools we use from scratch—and our infrastructure is essential. Within the tools we use and the projects we work on is the freedom to shape things at such an early stage. It’s a freedom that we value when we do our weekly retrospectives, which give us a chance to ask critical questions about the data we collect and the projects we take on. And we love our hackathons: we just took the gold prize at our most recent one in Barcelona.

‘‘Through data and information, we empower people across all departments to make key decisions.’’

Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk, Data Analyst

Why Tourlane?


Build your own infrastructure within our new and modern tech stack


Build your own infrastructure within our new and modern tech stack


Use data processes to directly impact business decisions


Create your own path through the tools you use and the projects you take on

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