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Finance at Tourlane

What would happen if our Finance department shut down for the day? On the one hand, none of us would get our salaries. On the other hand, though, our team wouldn’t be able to do what they do best: organize, structure, and plan our business activities. Divided into three areas—the accounting team, financial planning and controlling team, and the treasury system area—we keep the cash flow coming in and going out, whether it’s for our employees or for the hotels and DMCs we work with. We also track and plan, structuring financial targets and objectives around the growth of the company.

What do we love? Numbers. We also live and breathe excel sheets. But don’t worry—we also value communication and know our tools well enough to translate numbers into words, be they in PowerPoint presentations or simple emails. The best part, though, is working with the 55 destinations we offer. Does one of our DMCs need a money transfer to Botswana? No problem. We know the ins and outs of all of our international transactions. It's working internationally which makes our team one of the most unique in the start-up world.

‘‘We turn very complex, international transactions into something that is easy and customer friendly in nature. We act as a guiding star by planning and prioritizing projects.’’

Philipp Becker, Chief Financial Officer

Why Tourlane

One of the top places to work

Named as one of the top 10 German start-ups to watch.

One of the top places to work

Named as one of the top 10 German start-ups to watch.

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